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To keep up in today’s fast-paced environment where most clients are looking for a one-stop shop, many CPA firms have taken to expanding the array of services they offer. Some of the services they provide include investment advice, insurance products, financial planning, and bookkeeping.

Realistically, however, even though this serves to attract customers to your firm, the truth is that, compared to your core services of tax and attesting functions, services such as bookkeeping are far less profitable for you and only serve to take your time and focus away from the more complex issues such as consulting, tax planning and financial disclosures. Your other option is to hire and train bookkeepers - a time-and-money-consuming endeavor. In the long run, it is definitely more efficient to simply outsource the clients’ day-to-day bookkeeping functions (such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and bank and loan-account reconciliations) to a reliable, trustworthy bookkeeping company. 

SmallBiz Outsource which is run by actual CPAs is guaranteed to perform accurate, consistent work that will be easy for you to access when you need it in an easy, affordable manner. You can then transfer your savings over to your customers as well. 


Benefits of outsourcing your clients’ bookkeeping functions to SmallBiz Outsource: 

  • No office space, training, and overhead costs or extra staff would be involved

  • Independence is not impaired, allowing you to still perform attestation functions

  • By reducing client visits and travel time, you will enhance your realization rates

  • We will customize each client’s services so you can access them when needed

  • All work is reviewed by professional CPAs, allowing your own CPAs the freedom to perform more profitable work

  • Savings can then either be absorbed by you or passed on to your grateful clients

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